We are Solutions-Driven

As a full turnkey provider to the mobile network industry, we understand the intricate needs and unique complexities of our customers. Decades of experience has enabled us to refine our offering into one that is cost-effective and delivered on time.

We have a comprehensive service offering which includes new telecom site builds, site modifications and power solutions. Our turnkey service encompasses an end-to-end spectrum where we build towers, maintain towers and hardware as well as tailor-make solutions for our customers. Within this spectrum, we manage the logistics, sourcing and supply chain as well as the construction of all projects.

Over 500 sites (and counting) constructed since 2014

Multiple specialised and complex site builds completed

Average of <25 days to site completion

Dynamic reporting + BI

98% first-time PAC rate

Active throughout South Africa

Proudly Level-1 BBB-EE;
100% locally owned